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Logo Services

In a society of choices, it is important to think about the message you are portraying, without saying anything at all.
Your logo is a great example of such a message. It is your corporate identity, a small but very clearly recognized brand appearing on all your communication materials. It is the first point in your brand telling the public everything they need to know about you.

Aspirati works with you to find out what you are trying to accomplish with your logo. If you plan on updating, it is important to consider the long history built around your current mark. Redesigning a logo, means launching a new look and story to carry throughout your existing communication materials. When you are ready to create your new logo mark, Aspirati helps you to create that "look and feel" from scratch. We also work from ideas, based on what you might have seen somewhere that you like. Aspirati tests your new logo design to ensure that it works when it is time to carry it over to your communication materials.


  • Logo design, re-design or update
  • Collateral update (stationary redesign)
  • Pre-press preparation of your logo (T-shirt, Pens and etc, standard business cards)
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